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5 Types Of Blog Posts You Need To Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

As you would have known by now, content marketing is an online strategy that helps you market with the focus on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience. All of that sounds really easy, until you meet with a writer’s block and feel STUMPED!

What should I write to attract my target audience and have them engage in my content?

Now that you are ready to create engaging content to drive your marketing business, here are 5 types of content that you can use as guidelines to keep your audience engaged!

1. Direction Post (Listing Post)

This one is easy; we use it every day when we want to convey messages in a clear, directed and concise way. Just like in this post, the direct content you want to share is collated and presented in a specific count (I would recommend 3 to 5 points) – either in numbers or alphabets, so that your audience is able to adapt the key takeaways just by following the directions you give.

This is especially useful if the content you have to share has a sequence, or presents vastly disjointed point. The listing method thus provides a direction to tie the content into something the audience can understand.

2. Guidance Post (How-to)

In this post, you want to assert your authority in the field by guiding the audience through a commonly asked question. For example, your title can begin with a ‘How-to achieve/create/implement…’ This allows you to showcase your expertise, and detail out the specifics that makes you stand out. By giving guidance in this post, you are becoming a relational figure to your audience, nurturing a long term trust relationship.

This is especially useful when you possess expertise that is very specific to the industry you are in. By writing a blog post that teaches, or gives insights to others who might be learning about or trying to enter the industry, you are not only assisting your target audience and nurturing a relationship with them, but also helping to shape the professionalism of the industry!

3. Visual Story Post (Infographics/SlideShares)

This is a visually appealing post where you want to tell a content story. What is a content story? It is not statistics plastered onto a dashboard waiting for people to uncover what all the numbers mean. A content story is a well-thought out depiction of an issue that you want to share with your target audience, presented typically with the ‘What’, ‘When’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of the issue.

This is especially useful if the content you have to share possesses a logical hierarchy and detailing it in a story helps you to pick out only the important statistic to prove your point. This narrows the target audience’s attention to the urgency of the situation that you highlight, and brings them to the same strong conclusion that you provide in the blog post. Remember, you want to provide a sound conclusion to the audience without explicitly saying so.

4. Newsjacks Post

Timing is key when you write this post. In order to do newsjacking, you need to keep yourself updated with relevant industry news, so that you can ideas or angles into breaking news to generate media coverage for yourself and your business.

This is especially useful if the content is frequently discussed on media. While it might seem easy to inject spontaneous wit to drive your marketing efforts, a caveat here is the execution of the post and whether it is really ‘real-time’ breaking news when you post it.

5. Disruptive Post (Thought Leadership)

Thought leaders are informed opinion leaders that people look up to, and go to in their field of expertise.  This is where you come in, by combining the talent, experience, and the drive that your team has to consistently address the concerns that your target audience has. It does not mean you need to be the most educated, or the most informed. You just need to know how to present information in the format that your target audience can understand.

This is especially useful for content that requires some analytical skills. By churning the information that you possess and presenting it out to your target audience in bite-sized, layman terms, you will be able to attract and engage them.

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